Best 6kw Solar System Price Adelaide

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About iGreen Energy

iGreen Energy are your one stop shop for the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide. We’re dedicated to making solar energy accessible for all. We supply and install the world’s most prestigious brands in energy preservation to work towards a more sustainable future. As a wholly Australian company, you can rest assured that all our product choices are backed by genuine credibility and research. Additionally, we follow all the rules and regulations outlined by the Federal Government and the Clean Energy Council. We actively work to encourage economic vitality, healthy community living, and environmental protection. If you have no idea where to start, our team will tailor solutions to meet your needs. Solar is the way of the future, so jump on the bandwagon and lock in Best 6kw solar system price Adelaide! We guarantee you’ll reap the rewards within the first 12 months.

best 6kw solar system price adelaide

Brands we trust!

Despite offering the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide, our products are manufactured by brands we know and trust. 

Trina Solar: These products are so advanced, that their performance can even be monitored on iOS or Android devices. All components have been designed to work together simultaneously to increase energy efficiency in your home.

Zeversolar: This company is focussed on simplicity and affordability. Zeversolar products have been proven to increase efficiency by up to 98% percent, and there’s a range of commercial and residential options available.

JinkoSolar: JinkoSolar is an internationally accredited solar module manufacturer with a fantastic reputation. With 6 production facilities across the world, their team is constantly refining the function of the products for better return on investment.

In addition to these big names, we stock Power One, REC, Enphase Energy and more. Do yourself a favour and secure the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide!

Why should you choose solar panels Adelaide?

We understand that solar isn’t a cheap decision, but we offer the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide. Firstly, installing a solar system will drastically reduce your energy bills. This is the driving factor behind most solar purchases, because the inflation rate of energy is truly unpredictable. Government initiatives aim to encourage generation of electricity from renewable sources—so you’re effectively staying one step ahead! Why are they pushing for this? Because solar energy will minimise the carbon footprint that’s currently driving our planet into turmoil. It’s a clean, green energy source right at our fingertips. It’s also noteworthy that every feature that promotes sustainability adds to the resale value of your home. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, save some cash and upsell your home—go solar this year. We have the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide to make your decision easy!

If you have any enquiries about products, installation, or the best 6kw solar system price Adelaide, give iGreen Energy a call on 1300 044 733! We’re passionate about working towards a greener future, and solar panels are the first move.